Sunday, Nov 29, 2020 at 4 pm
Venue: Art’sHarmony Studio-online

Art’s Harmony Matinee – Interactive art classes in the Palace District

Interactive, playful educational sessions with lots of music and other arts for parent-child, grandparent-grandchild couples and families at Art’s Harmony Studio

Play with sound, play with space
„2-102” interactive art matinee series for families, grandchild-grandparent couples III. part

We invite everyone for an adventurous journey: young and old, children and adults.
For a journey we make on the wings of our imagination without moving out of the walls of our room, children’s room, living room.
Along the way, we reach the depths of the ocean, high, snow-capped mountain peaks, African grassy pastures, or hot deserts, as well as the well-known or lesser-known landscapes of our country.
We will have our companions: music, dance, singing, and by the end of our adventures, we will return to our homes enriched with many, many songs, poems, and knowledge.
The performance would have originally been held at the Klebelsberg Cultural Mansion, but due to the emergency, it will be broadcast to our audience via the Internet.
Our leader will be actor János Bordás and violinist Katalin Bartha during the adventures.

Join the links and play music, dance with us, write to us and even send a photo or a short video of yourself, how you will participate in our event!

You can join us on Sunday at 16.00 on Youtube at this link:

or online facebook live event here:

We look forward to seeing you all!

The event was established with the support of Budapest Capital City 2. District Self-Government.

Location: Art’s Harmony Studio – Rökk Szilárd str. 11, Budapest 1085

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