Moment Art – Tradition and Reawakening

As the founder of the Tango Harmony Argentine tango orchestra I have been around in the world of tango for a long time. But the encounter with new musical genres and learning tango as a dance brought new inspirations for me. I am armed with a special instrument that provides an opportunity for a new approach to tango music. I warmly recommend Tango KATango for its personal atmosphere and music improvisations!

While playing at milongas I insert my own KATango music blocs between traditional and alternative tandas, so all those who love traditional or experimental tango musics find pieces corresponding to their taste. Since KATango music is mainly construed of improvisation and is greatly influenced by the environment, the ambience, so the participants have no small role in the evolution of the music of the night. I am looking forward to seeing your tango community with much enthusiasm and wondering what we’ll create together.

Although tango is one of the most important areas of my musical operation, it is not exclusive. The looper technique has opened new gates for me in several genres.The looper, which records and plays back certain musical sections, allows me to play with myself in one person, live, yet in several voices.This, combined with improvisation, opens up a very broad perspective. I can create a unique, unrepeatable musical medium for events with different moods by tuning in to the theme and environment. Individual performances are created from the musicalisation of 1-1 poems or in connection with the objects of an exhibition. The use of looper improvisations is open in all directions, allowing the creation of an ideal musical presence in literary, exhibition, world music, concert or theater environments, as well as during meditation or sound- and movement therapy events.

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