October 3. 2017, Tuesday  7 pm — 9:30 pm

Venue: MÜPA -Palace of Arts

Gala Show of the OctoberPest TangoFest – László Budai and guests

The world-renowned artists invited to the festival from Hungary and elsewhere will show the modern, living face of the tango along with its possibilities, interrelationships and styles.

In addition to the classical form still danced today, we’ll see tango nuevo, neotango, and contemporary tango, just as the music extends from classical tango to the works of Piazzolla, and to the tango music of the present day.
During the performance KATango improvisations will also be heard.

Video recording of the performance is shown here!

(the performance will be presented in National Dance Theatre’s organization, and the production will be followed by a dancing lesson.)

Performed by:

Diego Riemer és Natalia Cristobal (AR)
Lucian Stan és Raluca Aldea (RO)
Vaggelis Hatzopoulos és Marianna Koutandou (GR)
Vedran Marceta és Valentina Vavra (BiH)
Budai László és Pirity Andrea
Sinóros-Szabó Botond és Fülöp Nóra

Orchestra: Tango Harmony

Alejandro Szabo-bandoneon
Bartha Katalin– violin
Bartha Péter – bandoneon
Lázár György- piano
Nagy Ottó – cello
Piukovics Gábor – contrabass

Technician: Sipos Tibor
Directed by: Budai László


Venue: MÜPA -Palace of Arts – 1095 Budapest, Komor Marcell street 1.

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