Friday, June 10, 2022, from 9 am
Venue: St. II. John Paul School Center

We swing on a string!

We invite children to a fun game in the interactive art series for schoolchildren!

On Friday, June 10, 2022, Szent II. John Paul School Center, in 3 performances:

at 9 for the 4th graders,
at 10:30 a.m. for 3rd graders,
at 12 for the 4th graders,

St. II. John Paul Kindergarten, Primary School and High School – Mezőkövesd rd. 10, 1116 Budapest

We swing on a string! – Let’s write, play a fairy tale, a song! Playful art session for elementary school children

Then you have a place here among us! If you stay with us, we will fairytale you together.
We figure out the story, assign the roles, write the dialogues, make music, and then play the tale. Come with us! Let’s tale together !

First, the members of the prospective “company” get to know each other and the instructors. We talk about who knows what kind of fairy tale, legend, whether they have a favorite fairy tale or legend hero. We then use the speech, movement and situation exercises to assess the children’s stage skills, singing music and movement skills together.
Then we start telling together. Let’s figure out who our story should be about. We get to know the characters of the Hungarian fairy tale and legend. (Ilona Tündér, Prince Árgyélus, Fehérlófia, Sárkány, Griffmadár, Taltos paripa, Attila, Toldi, Kinizsi, King Matthias).

Of course, we can enrich our stories with more and more characters we invent.
We get acquainted with the characteristics and phrases of the fairy tale and said as a narrative genre. We deal with the importance of action management, the characterization of the characters, especially considering that by now the children are starting to “write” themselves into the play, that is, they are inventing roles for themselves.
This is followed by situational exercises, situational games, improvisations, with the help of which, with our own words and movements, we “establish” the piece to be presented. We assess what kind of music, dance, form of movement may be needed, and then come up with figuring out the dialogues. Of course, here too we take into account the characteristic word turns and word usage, which are so characteristic of the Hungarian fairy tale and fairy tale world.
Then we have nothing more to do than put together a tale, a story, written together from text, music, singing, movement, and other elements, and then perform it.
By the end of the series of sessions (courses), children will gain experience in theater and music theory and practice, which they will learn from their teachers, themselves and their peers, in a playful way.

The session is led by:
– Actor János Bordás
– Violinist Katalin Bartha



The series is supported by the Ministry of Human Resources.

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