Sunday, Dec 01, 2019, from 12.30
Venue: Art’s Harmony Studio

Art Matinees for Families at Art’s Harmony Studio!

Interactive, playful educational activities with lots of music and other arts for parent-child, grandparent-grandparent couples and families

“Music and Magic”
See what I hear, feel what I see!
Spend a fun hour with us, learning about the building blocks of music and magic – the two most ancient art forms – in a playful, interactive form.

Come play with us, make magic and make music!
Music and Magic – Let’s Try It Together!

Katalin Bartha, violinist
Mollini, a magician, a performer

Entrance is free!

We are welcome for everyone!

Venue: Art’s Harmony Studio – Rökk Szilárd u. 11., Budapest, 1085-HU

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