Sunday, Dec 15th, 2019  from 4:00 pm
Venue: Art’s Harmony Studio

Advent tuning with singing bowls, the music of the moment

Come with me for an Advent tuning! While waiting for the light to come on, let us quiet down for a moment and let our soul be influenced by the cleansing vibrations of the singing bowls, the sounds that want to be heard in the moment.
Let us dive together in the magic of the moment, sound, space, and time, create harmony and unity with ourselves and our environment so that we can receive and live the Feast with pure heart, love.

Bring Polyfoam, pillows, blankets (if you want to use your own) so you can comfortably let go.
Bartha Kat KATango

Entrance is free!
Donations are appreciated

We look forward to welcoming everyone!

Location: Art’s Harmony Studio – Rökk Szilárd u. 11, Budapest, 1085-HU

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