19.12.2015 19:00

location: Stefania Palace (entrance:1146 Budapest, Zichy Géza u. 3.)

DJs: Laszlo Budai & David Murvai
We’ll have a dance schedule this year as well.
The musics of the dance schedule will be played by David, before and after Laszlo will be the dj. 🙂
The tandas of the dance schedule (starting at around 10.15pm):
1. Carlos Di Sarli (tango)
2. Alfredo De Angelis (tango)
3. Francisco Lomuto (vals)
4. Rodolfo Biagi (tango)
5. Juan D’Arienzo (tango)
6. Juan D’Arienzo (milonga)
7. Rafael Canaro (tango)
8. Lucio Demare (tango)
9. Francisco Canaro (vals)
10. Osvaldo Pugliese (tango)
11. Héctor Varela (tango)
12. Rodolfo Biagi (milonga)

We’ll have a Jack&Jill performance of the tango teachers of Budapest at around 9.50pm.

KATango music after the dance schedule!
Entry before the event: 2.500 Ft (On the spot: 3.000 Ft)

You can buy the tickets in BudaiTangoClub soon or reserve at [email protected]u

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