Let’s see the Old Year out and greet the New Year together with Tango!

Music: DJ Josip Bartulovic Tango Estilo and KaTango



Music and Dance, Exhilaration, New Year Greetings and being happy together

Scene: HelloAnyu (Bp. VII. Csányi utca 7.)

Surely we will be there from 22 up to 02, subsequently as we like…

What we take there, are sandwiches, lentil, soft drinks, mulled wine, champagne

and so on.

We look forward to see you whether for the whole night, or if you have some

other program already, for an Argentine embracement before or after it.

In case you will come, please send a private massage (we should calculate the

quantity of mineral water…)

tango-new-years-eve-01 tango-new-years-eve-02 tango-new-years-eve-03 tango-new-years-eve-04 tango-new-years-eve-05 tango-new-years-eve-06 tango-new-years-eve-07


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