Saturday, May 13h, 2023  from 3:00 pm
Venue: Budapest, Molnár Park 1083

Art’s Harmony Association will appear with KATango musical improvisations at the 2nd Tavaszváró Piknik with a special instrument, a crystal violin and a looper, which will be accompanied by dance demonstrations and dance lessons on May 13 from 3 p.m. in Molnár Ferenc Park.


The event will be organized with the participation of the civil organizations of the 8th district.


Participating dancers:
The Bartha couple, Szilvia and József
The Molnár couple, Vera and László
Tűz couple, Zsuzsi and János
Róbert RózsaFekete

The physical and mental healing effects of tango are being recognized in more and more places, and many medical and other researches deal with the therapeutic application possibilities of tango in various fields.
Tango is not simply a dance, it is much more than that, it can be a means of creating the unity, balance and harmony of the entire human structure, body, soul and spirit.
Although tango is recommended for all age groups, it offers a special opportunity for the elderly, because, unlike many other dances, its movement culture does not burden the body, it can be practiced regardless of age, and its regular practice is beneficial physically, mentally and spiritually.

In Art’s Harmony Studio, we will bring all the pieces from the successful swap donation corner to the event.
Information about the donation corner:
The program is implemented with the support of the Józsefváros Municipality and the Józsefváros Közösséteiért Nonprofit Zrt.


We warmly welcome all interested parties!


Location: Ferenc Molnár square Budapest 1083

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