Saturday, May 13, 2023,  6 p.m
Venue: LexingtonLoft,Budapest

Exhibition opening with KATango improvisations!

On Saturday, May 13, 2023, from 6 p.m

Question-answer  – Sabine and Éva photo exhibition opening

About the exhibition:
2 people (who happen to be women)
from 2 cities (Vienna, Budapest)
2 emblematic birthdays this year
2 photo exhibitions for friends in 2 cities

“We share a passion for travel, we both like to meet unknown people but also to surround ourselves with friends. We are both curious and love to capture exciting moments. So when we first met just over 1 year ago, it didn’t take long for us to form a close friendship.
We decided to show friends some of our photos in a 1-day exhibition. But maybe we were also testing our friendship to see how much we have in common and how different we are when we gave ourselves a good hard time choosing our photos. Sabine asks Eve a question with a picture and Eve answers with a picture – and vice versa. It’s also a fun game for the audience (only later do they know who the author of each picture is and how the pairs meet). “

– Sabine and Éva

During the evening, violinist Katalin Bartha will participate, from whom we will hear KATango improvisations.

We welcome all interested parties!

More info:

Location: Lexington Loft  – Bogdáni road 1, 1033 Budapest

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